Stained Glass Sugar Skulls

Celebrate Day of the Dead with this colorful window decoration idea. ¡Feliz Dia de Muertos!

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Celebrate Day of the Dead with this creative classroom decoration sun catcher for the windows. ¡Feliz Día de Muertos!


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cardboard sugar skulls decoration on a classroom window

Day of The Dead Window Decoration

These creative decor idea for Dia de los Muertos is the perfect Day of the Dead classroom decoration for windows. Alternatively, make a festive bulletin board around November 2nd with these sugar skull crafts.

How to make the Stained Glass Sugar Skulls

  1. Print directly on card or print and then trace the template onto a piece of cardboard.
  2. Cut out the sugar skull.
  3. Add any decorative touches to the front of your skull using the art supplies of your choice.
  4. On the back of your already-cut-out skull, paste bits of tissue paper that are big enough to cover each hole.
  5. Place your sugar skull on a window and see the colorful lights shine through it!
  6. BONUS TIP: To practice some writing skills encourage the children to write their name on the skull’s forehead, just like we do traditionally in authentic Mexican sugar skulls.


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Instructions included in the Mexican sugar skulls craft project

► An original Hispanic Heritage Month craftivity

Use this Mexican Sugar Skull craft as one of your hispanic heritage month activities. 

Each student can design their own sugar skull craft, adding their own individual and original creative touch then they can be brought together as part of a Latinx American culture themed classroom bulletin board.

► Why is this resource useful?

  • Day of the Dead decorations for the classroom
  • Early finishers activity in Spanish class
  • Spruce up your Spanish classroom decor
  • Grow your collection of Spanish activities
  • After-school club or Spanish club time-filler
  • Complement a Day of the Dead lesson or Mexico culture unit
  • A low-prep hispanic heritage project
  • Decorate a hispanic heritage month bulletin board or display

This activity welcomes all levels of artistic skills. Successful with young people ranging from Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary up to Middle School and High School. The piñata designs can be as simple or as complicated as each person wants.

Template preview of the stained glass sugar skulls project


This digital download includes a PDF file in High resolution with 19 pages:

  • (3 pages) Dotted Line stained glass sugar skulls templates
  • (3 pages) Black stained glass sugar skulls templates
  • (3 pages) White stained glass sugar skulls templates
  • (9 pages) Mini versions of all stained glass sugar skulls templates

Download PDF

Option 1 (Teachers Pay Teachers account required)


Option 2 (Etsy – no account required)


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