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Christmas Craft Activities for Preschool: Santa, Snowman and reindeer crafts

Christmas Craft Activity for Kids

A winter craft activity where kids have to use different media to complete the pictures of three popular Christmas characters: Santa Claus, Rudolph, and a Snowman!

Doors and Window Printables a fun DIY kids craft toy made out of recycling #diykids #printable #greencrafts #rainbowcraft

Recycled Craft Town

Save time making DIY toy houses and buildings with recycled materials by printing these lovely doors and windows.

Compilation of +21 arts and crafts projects for kids that use Rocks as the main material.

+21 Rock Craft Ideas That Kids Can Make

Rock crafts are an awesome way to connect kids, nature, and creativity! Below you can find a compilation of super creative ideas for rock crafts sorted by “craft…