Frida Kahlo Sugar Skull: Day of The Dead Craft

Fun Day of The Dead Frida Sugar Skull Project for Kids

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Inside: A Day of The Dead Frida Kahlo Sugar Skull Project – Dia de Los Muertos Hispanic Activity for Kids

These adorable Dia de los Muertos sugar skulls of Frida Kahlo are the perfect Day of the Dead art project. One of the best Dia de los Muertos activities is making colorful classroom decorations like this Frida sugar skull craft. They look beautiful displayed all-together as a collaborative art project in a Spanish bulletin board during Hispanic Heritage Month.

An original Hispanic Heritage Month craftivity

Each student can design their own Frida Kahlo paper plate craft, adding their own individual and original creative touch then they can be brought together as part of a women’s history month themed classroom bulletin board.

The printable pack includes Frida’s face, Frida’s earrings, Frida’s flowers – all based on items she wore in real life which are present in her self portraits. 

Use this Frida Kahlo craft as one of your dia de los muertos, hispanic heritage month or cinco de mayo activities.

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Suggestions for Hispanic heritage month activities: Paper Plate Skull – Day of The Dead Skull Craft and a regular Frida Kahlo Craft


How to Make the Sugar Skull Frida Craft

  • Cut out and paste the Frida skull’s eyes and “nose hole” to a paper plate (other surfaces work too, like card). You can instead use the print-ready skull included in the template.
  • Cut out the paper plate’s “cheeks” or use the template to trace the outline of the skull.
  • Decorate your sugar skull however you want! Use the provided fall coloring pages with Frida skull’s eyes, earrings and flowers – Colored pens are great for quick results but also look great with other materials such as paint or bits of scrap paper.
  • BONUS TIP: To practice some writing skills encourage the children to write their name on the skull’s forehead, just like we do traditionally in authentic Mexican sugar skulls.
Paper Plate Frida Kahlo skull craft with pink paper flowers

Frida Kahlo Spanish class activity

Adapt this Frida Kahlo project as part of your Spanish class activities or for your Spanish classroom door decor. You can practice Spanish vocabulary by learning the different words of the elements of the Frida you create (ojos, cejas, pendientes, flores, etc). Each student can then write in Spanish about Frida (maybe even a poem) on the back of the paper plate and this can be presented to the whole class. This a fun way to practice Spanish and the research involved will also help your students learn about Mexican culture and Latin America, so this printable can also be used during Hispanic heritage month. 

About the Mexican Festivity of Dia de los Muertos (Day of The Dead)

In modern Mexico culture we celebrate Dia de Los Muertos (one day after Halloween). This Mexican tradition honors life after dead, if that makes sense… I would say that Day of the Dead is more about gathering with your loved ones to remember the ones that have left us. We do so in a positive light, remembering what our “difuntos” used to like when they were walking on this Earth.

Paper Plate Frida Kahlo skull craft with peachy paper roses

About the famous artist Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist known for her famous paintings and self-portraits. Her style was defined by her unique surreal look and fashion sense which included incredible jewelry, earrings and fantastic floral hair arrangements.

You can also check the Frida Kahlo facts for kids listed on our other Frida Kahlo post.

Frida Kahlo is one of history’s most important women as she challenged the way we think about women’s appearances, art, fashion and feminism. She was unable to walk for parts of her life but this did not stop her from being a true pioneer. Her muse was herself (she had a mirror above her bed so she could paint herself when she was bedridden) but she was also heavily influenced by Mexican folk art.  This activity is therefore great for celebrating Frida Kahlo as a famous woman in history, but also to celebrate Mexican culture. 


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Paper Plate Frida Kahlo skull craft with colorful paper flowers

Why is this resource useful?

  • Early finishers activity in Spanish class
  • Spruce up your Spanish classroom decor
  • Use this fall craft to grow your collection of Spanish activities
  • After-school club or Spanish club time-filler
  • Complement a famous women in history lesson, Day of the Dead lesson or Mexico culture unit
  • A low-prep Hispanic heritage month project / Women History Month project.
  • Create a colorful bulletin board or display with this fall craftivity.
  • Making a quick last-minute DIY Halloween costume to help the student that forgot to bring one (teens love La Catrina skull masks these days)
  • Decorate a hispanic heritage month bulletin board or display

Since this activity welcomes all levels of artistic skills, it has proven to be successful with students ranged from Pre-K, Kindergarten, Elementary up to Middle School and High School. The Frida sugar skulls can be as simple or as complicated as each student chooses.

What’s included?

PDF file with the following:

  • 1 page with Frida’s earrings
  • 1 page with Frida’s head flowers
  • 1 page with 3 upper Frida Skull Face
  • 1 page with 1 Frida head outline 
  • 1 page with 1 Frida Skull head to decorate (low prep version)
Preview pages of the Frida Kahlo sugar skull printable

Download PDF

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