Modern DIY Father’s Day Card (For All Kinds of Dads)

Because not all Dads look the same! This easy card idea was designed to suit all kinds of different father figures that exist nowadays.

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Because not all Dads look the same.

I’ve seen many ideas for Father’s Day cards that are based on the traditional father figure, but in my opinion, these kinds of old school fathers are not what all kids are seeing in their homes today.

I thought it could be nice for those kids to give them the option to make a gift that resembles more the father figure that they see every day in their lives. Whatever that is (or isn’t).

I was raised by both my Mom and my Dad, so I can’t imagine how awkward it is for, let’s say, kids of single Moms that never see their Dad, to be encouraged at school to make a card that says “I love you Daddy” and features some kind of “cartoony mustache” or a men’s shirt with a tie.

This idea was designed to suit all kinds of different father figures that exist nowadays. No matter how diverse!

Let’s celebrate an inclusive Father’s day! 🙂

(Video) Modern Father’s Day Card

Here’s a super-speed video of only a couple of examples of the many different combinations that could be done with this idea:

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How to Make the Card:

1. Download the Free Printable from the link at the bottom of this page (it comes in English and Spanish)

The PDF has “adult and baby” illustrations of these animals: Seahorse, Lion, Bird, Cat, Turtle, Snake, Fish and Sheep.

2. Let the kids choose and cut out one Adult animal that for them feels more like their father figure, then let them choose and cut out two copies of the Kid animal that they feel could represent themselves.

* IMPORTANT * It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same kind of animal for the adult and the kid in the card. Adoptive parents and Dads that acquired parenthood by love and commitment are also legitimate father figures, even if they don’t physically look like their children.

3. Fold a sheet of paper in half and in the outside paste one copy of the baby animal. Then paste the adult animal and the other baby animal in the inside part of the card.

4. Add your own message or use the one included in the printable (available in Spanish and English).

Printable Preview:

Available in English and Spanish 🙂

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Idea twists:

Extra customization: Add to the drawing any extra features that will make the animal look even more like your father figure. Freckles? Earring? a Tattoo maybe? (if someone did this for me, I bet they would add rabbit teeth and thick eyebrows to the animal, haha!)

Pop-up effect: To easily make any part of the drawing pop-up when the card is opened, do the following:

  1. Cut a small rectangle out of paper (about 10cm x 3cm should be fine).
  2. Bend it back and forward in a zig-zag shape, like a little accordion.
  3. Tape or glue one end of the accordion to the card. Then fold it and on the other end paste the part of the drawing that you want to stand out. That’s it!

Finished Examples:

Get the PDF:

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