Cute Halloween Ideas For Little Ones

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Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary experience for kids! Ease up and have some fun with your youngsters as you assist them craft some of these Halloween crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

Many Halloween crafts we selected here are not only for decorative purposes but also can be used as toys! Have fun crafting and playing this Halloween!

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children making sugar skull masks on paper plates for day of the dead
Simple art activity for Day of the Dead

To make cute Halloween crafts, you will need some basic crafting supplies like:

Take a look at individual projects to see an exact list of tools and materials.

  1. Can you turn origami project into a toy? Sure you can! Make Frankenstein cup and ball game for kids to play with over Halloween! This simple origami project will be fun for kids and they will benefit from learning origami.
  2. Speaking about origami, we have another fun interactive idea for you – jumping frogs game! It relates to witches, cauldrons and magic potions and will be perfect to add to Halloween games for kids.
  3. Do you have few empty tin cans lying around? You will need them to make Halloween tin can bowling game with kids! They will enjoy both painting and playing with their scary bowling pins!
  4. One of the most important things crafts can provide for your toddlers and preschoolers is fine motor skills improvement. And, for little fingers, yarn wrapped pumpkins are great workout!
  5. Pick a few empty paper rolls from your recycle bin, hand over a paint and some bits and bobs for kids to create loo roll monsters! Easy craft and great way for kids to fight boredom on a rainy day!
  6. Invite your kids to help decorate for Halloween! They will love making their own Upcycled Mason Jar Jack O’Lanterns and they will look lovely when you place a tea lights inside!
  7. My kids love helping in the kitchen! Baking together for holidays and special occasions is always fun for them! For Halloween, we play and bake monster cookies. Easy recipe to bake and fun cookies to make!
  8. Have your kids tried straw blowing art before? Kids enjoy this simple art technique so much! Invite them to make straw blowing ghosts! Super simple and super fun!
  9. If you would like to add a bit of sensory experience to Halloween, icy eye monsters are perfect solution. Kids will also get to learn a bit about color mixing and how temperature affects ice. At the end, your kids will play with monster eyes soup!
  10. When you have toddlers, crafts can’t be too elaborate or hard to complete. Puffy ghosts are easy to make for little hands of your toddlers and preschoolers. When completed, these puffy ghosts can be hung around the home and classroom!

Did you enjoy making these cute Halloween crafts with your little ones? We love how all of these craft projects are super simple to make and how they don’t require expensive tools and materials. For more ideas like the ones we shared here, grab a copy of the book created by Maggy from Red Ted Art called Easy Paper Projects. In this book, you can find easy paper crafts for every day crafting as well for all holidays and seasons. Enjoy crafting sessions with your kids and make many new and happy memories!

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