DIY ESL Activity: Memory sounds game of English Vowels for Spanish speaking kids

An ESL sounds memory game to practice English vowel names for spanish-speaking kids. By kids activities designer Rodrigo Macias

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An ESL sounds memory game to practice English vowel names for Spanish-speaking kids.



01. Print 2 copies of the English vowel names printable on thick paper (or print on thin paper and mount it on something thicker like cereal box cardboard).

02. Cut out the 10 vowel squares out of your 2 copies of printable A.

03. Play memory as usual ? (how?), and every time a player flips a card, all players must say out loud the English name of the vowel on the card (use a funny “cartooney” voice to make it more memorable).

Idea twists

  • Extend the life of your memory squares by laminating them or covering them with thick clear tape.
  • To make the game a bit more challenging, print a third copy of the free printable and make the goal of the game to find 3 matches of each vowel instead of only 2.

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