Hand-drawn Nintendo Items: Free Printables

Free printable and DIY kids games ideas with items from popular Nintendo games like Mario Bros, Pokemon, Mario-Kart, Donkey Kong and… darn it, I forgot Zelda!

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As a craftsman gamer, I enjoy Nintendo crafts and I hope my kids will too… so I made these 12 hand-drawn illustrations of items from popular games like Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, Mario-Kart, Donkey Kong and… darn it, I forgot Zelda!

I include the digitally colored version of them, as well as the outlined version (coloring pages) so you can choose your own colors and make even more items ? . For example, use pink for the Yoshi Egg to make a Birdo Egg.

Find more color changes ideas at the end of this page.

Activities for these designs:

The images below will take your butt to the download page in Google Drive.

Items included: pokeball, spiny shell (AKA blue shell), starpower (AKA starman), super leaf (can also be invincibility leaf or statue leaf), yoshi egg (can also be Birdo egg), super mushroom (can also be 1-up or life mushroom, mini mushroom or poison mushroom), banana peel, bob-omb, bullet bill, fire flower (can also be ice flower and gold flower), green shell (can also be red shell) and lighting.

Items by Nintendo. Illustrations by Rodrigo Macias ©.

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Rodrigo Macias (author) is a bilingual creative mixing his experience working in Childcare and Design around planet Earth to come up with high-quality printables and playful-educational activities for kids. Check those out at the Box of Ideas.

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