Nintendo Items Scavenger Hunt with QR Codes

A scavenger hunt-style kids game with QR codes that show a Nintendo item when scanned. Free printable and how to play directions. By Kids Activities Designer Rodrigo Macias

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A scavenger hunt-style game with QR codes that show a Nintendo item when scanned.

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  • Printable A: QR codes of Nintendo items
  • Printer with ink + paper
  • Scissors
  • Internet access
  • 1 smartphone or tablet per player or team – loaded with app that reads QR codes (?)

Set up

01. Download printable A.

02. Cut out the 12 QR codes already programmed to display Nintendo items when scanned ✂️.

03. Hide all the QR codes within your chosen limits for the play area. Use your creativity and take in mind all the players’ capacities (paste under a table, hang on a tree branch, etc). Remember to keep the QR readable (flat and uncovered).

04. Open your QR code reader app on the device(s) that the player(s) will use.

* Important: Make sure that the devices have enough battery and that players won’t have any problems unlocking them during the game.

How to play

01. Explain game dynamics (goal, zone limits, how to scan QR codes).

02. Form teams (if any).

03. Go find the items!

04. When players find a QR code, they should scan it to know which item they have found. They can save the picture on their device as a proof of their findings.

05. The first one that finds all the items and comes back to the starting point wins ?.

Game twists

  • Print this coloring page and hand it to the players so they can use it as a checklist ✔︎.
  • Hide all QR codes but one, and make the goal of the game to find out which is the missing item (Clue-style).
  • Paste the QR codes under these DIY Nintendo item boxes by Kevin Hale.
  • For a longer game: print more than 1 set of QR codes so the players find the same item more than once and it takes them longer to find all the different kinds.

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